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Media Relations

We've been journalists ourselves, so instinctively know the media and what makes a story. Whether you want to be in the media (or to stay out of it), we'll always give you our best advice, based on years of experience.

Social Media

Meet Hannah, our skilled social media guru (among other things). There's not much she doesn't know about social strategies and can help drive revenue through carefully-considered campaigns which make a lasting impact.

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Influencer Relations

Today's consumer values real-life reviews and we speak to influencers on a daily basis. We can devise clever campaigns to help unlock their audiences for you.

Event Management

However big or small the event, we will handle every aspect, from sending out the invitations to analysing the post-event media coverage. Attention to detail is everything.

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Copy Writing

We produce concise and powerful copy, quickly and reliably. We are sticklers for grammar and punctuation. We lose sleep over a mis-placed apostrophe!

Media Training

Don't sweat over a media interview. First of all, we will advise if you should take part or not, then we will do all of the legwork and have you confident and prepared for every question.


Crisis Management

We don't lose our heads in a crisis. We respond quickly and reliably, communicating transparently and effectively.

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