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September 2022 - Join global wellness brand VAHDAM® India in celebrating Diwali, the festival of lights, which this year is celebrated across India, and throughout the rest of the world, starting on Sunday 9th October.

With 1.4 million people of Indian origin living in the UK, many towns and cities up and down the country will be celebrating this colourful annual festival, when it is common to light lamps and burst crackers.

Here are some facts about the country’s biggest festival, DIWALI from VAHDAM India:

● In a true testament to the diversity of the country, Diwali is celebrated differently across India. One thing that remains common is that every village, town and city is lit up with thousands of lamps

● This lighting of lamps symbolises the victory of light over darkness

● Diwali always starts with a thorough cleaning and decoration of the home. People visit each other, dress resplendently, exchange gifts, conduct rituals and come together to enjoy feasts and burst firecrackers.

Tea, or chai, is officially the national drink of India, where 837,000 tonnes of it are consumed every year. The ritual of drinking chai transcends all boundaries, and the roadsides of India are dotted with chai wallahs who serve it boiled up with spices, sugar and milk. While in the UK, approximately 100 million cups are consumed daily. That’s almost 36 billion cups per year!

To celebrate Diwali 2022,Vahdam India has curated it’s Diwali selection of gift sets providing a feast for the taste buds - perfect to gift or enjoy:

An assortment of 12 teas in a beautiful gift box for every occasion. Packaged in exclusive tin caddies & beautifully assembled…take your pick and indulge in this play of flavours!

Available from Vahdam India online or from Amazon, where delivery is free to Prime members.

A signature assortment with 6 delectable tea blends packed in gold embellished tin caddies. Each blend comprises teas handpicked in India and packaged fresh at the source to retain garden freshness.

Available from Vahdam India online or from Amazon, where delivery is free to Prime members.

A delectable gift set of 3 unique teas with impeccable taste and a host of health benefits. Which blend will you enjoy the most?

Available from Vahdam India online or from Amazon, where delivery is free to Prime members.

VAHDAM® India is an award-winning wellness brand bringing India’s finest teas, spices and superfoods to people across the globe.

Its radical supply chain, devoid of unnecessary middlemen, ensures that they not only make available the world’s freshest teas and spices to its customers, but also helps empower farmers in India who are able to fetch a deserving price for their efforts.

Sourced from the most esteemed tea gardens and spice farms in India, its blends are a symphony of unparalleled flavour, impeccable freshness and good health! Take your pick from a connoisseur selection of our single origin teas to our gratifying in-house blends, expertly curated by master blenders.

All VAHDAM teas are harvested and handpicked with utmost care and passion by the tea growers.

VAHDAM India is an award-winning climate and plastic neutral company, which directs one per cent of its revenue towards the education of its tea growers’ children in India. The global brand is also favoured by global icons Oprah Winfrey, Mariah Carey and Ellen DeGeneres, among others.

Notes to editors:

VAHDAM India’s range of over 100 garden-fresh, artisanal and signature blends have been shipped to over 3 million consumers across 130 countries and places sustainability and social initiatives at the centre of its ethos.

All VAHDAM teas are available online at, Amazon UK and a selection of turmeric teas are also available in 400 Holland and Barrett stores nationwide.

For more information please contact:

Vanessa Munnings

+44 (0)7907174770



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